Sivana Chakra Oils

Hi. I am Katherine. I am the founder of Sivana Chakra Oils.

I developed Sivan Chakra oils over 3 year.

It was important that I sourced only the highest, grade essential oils that were of the purist form and grown in an environment that nurtured their energetic value.

They are 100 % natural and both organic and wild crafted as well as ethically produced by well- established suppliers to produce the most premium grade product to help support the body’s health, promote a sense of wellbeing and to care for the skin. Every bottle has been blended and poured by me, using essential oils and oils carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the Chakras and skin health. Used and applied regularly onto the skin, the oils help to clear the chakras of unwanted and stagnant energy and keep the chakras balanced, thus helping to restore and support the body on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. For more information on the oils. Please select Sivana chakra oils or shop on the website.