Massage & Aromatherapy

Swedish body massage

£60 60 Minutes
With Sivana Chakra oils £70

A deep tissue full body massage to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and your general wellbeing. A lighter application may be given to soothe and relax.

Deep tissue Back & Neck massage

30 Minutes £45
45 Minutes £50
With Sivana Chakra oils £5 extra

This treatment provides relief from back and neck problems associated with hard fibrous tissue build up in the muscles, due to tension and bad posture. A lighter application maybe used to soothe and relax.

Stress Therapy Massage

£58 45 Minutes
With Sivana Chakra Oils £65

A relaxing and therapeutic massage, using deep tissue massage techniques to release muscular tension and pressure point techniques to aid relaxation. This treatment involves working on the back, neck, face and scalp. A Sivana organic essential oil blend is chosen for your individual requirements.

Aromatherapy Massage

£70 75 Minutes
With Sivana Chakra oil £78

This wonderful treatment is a must for anyone suffering from emotional or physical stress. It incorporates a series of acupressure and lymphatic moves to bring the body into a deeply relaxed state. It uses a blend of organic essential oils that are blended for your individual needs. Includes the face and scalp.

Luxury Massage

£75 75 Minutes
With Sivana Chakra oil £85

This is a wonderful deep tissue full body massage to release and relax tight sore muscles. It also helps to de-stress the mind and body and is recommended to anyone suffering from emotional and physical symptoms of stress giving an immediate sense of wellbeing. A blend of Sivana  organic oils are chosen for your therapeutic needs. includes a face and scalp massage.

Balinese Massage

£90 90 Minutes
With Coconut oil, lemongrass, fresh ginger and Yuzu.

This unique massage comes from Indonesia and has been used for centuries to balance and restore the body’s health and vitality. A blend of Coconut and aromatic oils are applied and with a deep finger and palm pressure. It works by unblocking stagnant energy lines and will soften hard fibrous muscle tissue. And includes the face and scalp.